Self-Healing PC


Automatic repair and recovery:

  • Any attempt to change registry, files, or application setting prevented in real-time
  • Automatically prevents or resolves the majority of issues that lead to either degraded performance or outage
  • Restores integrity for 1 or 10,000 devices faster than any alternative on the market
  • Works autonomously whether PC is on or off the network
  • Disallows addition of shadow IT applications downloaded by users
  • Prevents issues rising from corruption, user carelessness, disabling BITS and external breaches

Utopic’s proprietary self-healing technology is more than a recovery tool. It is an automatic and real time diagnostic and restoration advantage that recognizes when changes fall outside your policies. Self-healing doesn’t wait for a reboot to reapply an ideal image, it prevents the change right then and there–without manual intervention from a system administrator.


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