Can you recover your corrupted business PC’s in under minute?

This is a repost of a blog article from our overseas partner Greatstone:

vidpngPC downtime can be a debilitating event for professionals individually and for businesses collectively.

Many businesses count the cost of downtime but don’t think of the wider implications. Factors such as customer satisfaction and loss of brand integrity are just two of the key losses apart from the more evident costs such as lost productivity and a temporary dip in sales.

When you start to evaluate the direct cost (in terms of salary paid and time lost) of one or more members of staff unable to carry out their assigned tasks, and add to that the cost of support staff intervention to provide a fix, it becomes obvious that this can run in to many thousands of pounds for each instance.

Coupled to this, latest Gartner surveys suggest that unplanned IT downtime can cost businesses up to £4,500 (nearly $7,000) per minute for business-wide outages also impacting on:

  • Customer loss
  • Damage to brand reputation
  • Loss of productivity
  • Overtime, repair and recovery, compensatory costs
  • Lawsuits from unfulfilled contractual obligations
  • Sales and marketing spend wasted

The bottom line is whether it’s a single machine effected by malware, virus, or unauthorised software installs, or a business-wide problem that requires all machines to be reconfigured, the underlying costs can be significant.

So if this is a topic that you or your organisation can relate to, it’s probably time to think about how you can mitigate the threat of possible downtime and whether you’re internal IT team or external MSP recovery plan can act effectively and efficient getting the individual or the wider organisation back in business as quickly as possible.


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